Definitive Sankey Volume 2 by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic




After years of being out of print, The Definitive Sankey is finally back in stock. This extensive collection of Jay Sankey’s best material offers more than 500 effects across three beautiful hardcover books.

The Definitive Sankey was one of the first major projects Vanishing Inc. embarked on when it was first founded in 2009. The concept seemed straightforward-create a “greatest hits” book of Jay Sankey’s finest creations. Nobody ever imagined that this endeavor would end up taking over four years of tireless work from Sankey and co-writers, Vanishing Inc. cofounders Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. The effort was well worth it though because it resulted in one of the most extensive collections from a single magician ever published. This more than 1600-page compendium of practical, close-up magic contains a lifetime’s worth of magic from one of our industry’s most respected creators.

The first printing of The Definitive Sankey swiftly sold out, and magicians spent the ensuing years searching frequently for copies on the secondhand market. After countless requests to reprint it, Vanishing Inc. is thrilled to announce that The Definitive Sankey is finally available once again!

No matter what type of magician you are, there is something for you in these books. The diverse array of effects, spanning all types of skill levels, props, and plots, guarantees you’ll find a ton of new material you want to start using immediately.

Interested in tricks with borrowed bills? There are over 30 of those. Prefer mentalism? There are complete chapters dedicated to just that, as well as comprehensive sections on other popular topics like magic with rubber bands, coins, bills, finger rings, restaurant magic, bar magic, and more. Jay has even included his magic theory masterpiece Beyond Secrets to help you improve your overall performance skills.

Of course, there is also a bunch of card magic too. From over 70 impromptu card tricks to even an entire chapter on the torn and restored plot, there is card magic for all types of performers and performing situations.

Every routine is explained in meticulous detail alongside 1,000s of clear color photographs. To ensure you don’t start learning a trick that doesn’t suit your skill level or needs, there is a helpful difficulty level indicator at the start of each trick, as well as a badge indicating if it’s impromptu or not.

With so much great material available, it might feel daunting trying to choose where to start. This is exactly why Vanishing Inc. enlisted the help of some of the best magicians in the world to identify the best-of-the-best material in these books. Innovative and renowned creators like David Regal, Rune Klan, Richard Sanders, and others, all compiled their Top 10 Jay Sankey tricks. Those lists, including the pages in which the tricks can be learned, are included throughout the book. Each routine also has a Top 10 badge that is very easy to spot when flipping through the book.

These hardcover books feature treated paper and a two-color rendering. A comprehensive bibliography is also included in book 3 for those who want to dive deeper into specific ideas or plots.

There is no more cost-effective way to get Jay Sankey’s best magic tricks in one place. The Definitive Sankey gives you instant access to 100s of routines in one convenient location, all while saving you the immense amount of time and money it would cost to source them on your own.

After nearly a decade out of print, you absolutely cannot afford to miss your chance to add The Definitive Sankey by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. to your library. Get your copy now before it goes out of print again!