Magicians are masters of illusion, captivating audiences with their sleight of hand and mind-boggling tricks. They dedicate countless hours to perfecting their craft and entertaining others. However, when it comes to the topic of asking for tips, magicians find themselves divided. Some believe it is essential to ask for tips as a means of earning a living, while others see it as detracting from the art form. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of a magician asking for tips or not.

Pros of a Magician Asking for Tips:

1. Supplemental Income: For many magicians, performing is their sole source of income. Asking for tips allows them to earn additional money for their performances, which can be crucial for their livelihood. It provides a means of financial support and allows them to continue practicing their craft.

2. Recognition of Skill: By asking for tips, magicians receive immediate feedback on their performance. The amount of tips they receive can be an indication of how well they entertained the audience. It serves as a form of recognition for their skill and talent, boosting their confidence and motivating them to improve.

3. Encourages Audience Engagement: When a magician asks for tips, it opens up a dialogue between the performer and the audience. It encourages audience members to interact with the magician and show their appreciation for the performance. This engagement can create a more memorable experience for both the magician and the audience.

4. Flexibility in Pricing: Tips allow magicians to offer their services at a more affordable rate. By charging a lower fee upfront and relying on tips, they can reach a wider audience who may not have been able to afford their full performance fee. This flexibility in pricing can lead to more opportunities for magicians to showcase their talent.

Cons of a Magician Asking for Tips:

1. Perception of Begging: Some people may view a magician asking for tips as begging or desperate. This perception can diminish the professionalism and credibility of the magician, potentially impacting future bookings. It is important for magicians to strike a balance between asking for tips and maintaining their dignity.

2. Disrupts the Performance Flow: Interrupting a performance to ask for tips can disrupt the flow and immersion of the magic. It may break the illusion and distract the audience from the overall experience. Magicians who prefer a seamless performance may choose not to ask for tips to maintain the integrity of their act.

3. Unequal Compensation: Depending on the audience and the location of the performance, some magicians may receive more tips than others. This can create feelings of inequality and dissatisfaction among performers. Magicians who rely heavily on tips may find themselves at a disadvantage if they do not receive the expected compensation.

4. Potential for Awkward Situations: Asking for tips can create awkward situations, especially if audience members are not aware that tipping is expected. It can put pressure on individuals who may not have planned to tip or who are unfamiliar with the custom. This discomfort can negatively impact the overall experience for both the magician and the audience.


Asking for tips as a magician has its pros and cons. It can serve as a supplemental income, provide recognition of skill, encourage audience engagement, and offer pricing flexibility. However, it may also be perceived as begging, disrupt the performance flow, create unequal compensation, and lead to awkward situations. Ultimately, the decision to ask for tips or not depends on the individual magician and their specific circumstances. Striking a balance between earning a living and maintaining professionalism is key for any magician considering this practice.


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