Soleil Pro by TCC and GBDL – Trick




In collaboration with GBDL – This is SOLEIL PRO.

Prepare to be amazed by Soleil Pro’s enhanced features and endless magical possibilities. Join us on this enchanting journey!

In July 2018, Soleil made its debut, enchanting audiences with an uncut live-streamed performance that sold out within a week.

Fast forward to February 2019, Soleil Plus introduced a chocolate-coin element, gaining recognition from magician Lu Chen.

In 2020, Totem, an adaptation inspired by Soleil and created by one of Hong Kong’s close-up magic master, made its mark both domestically and internationally.

Today, we proudly unveiled Soleil Pro.

Despite its rave reviews, Soleil seemed to fade from recent discussions as it was discontinued for the past two years. However, beyond its captivating promotional video and live performance, Soleil can be used for a remarkable remote ‘Which Hand‘ effect. With creator Zuming’s permission, we’re releasing a practical video demonstrating this remote version.

Chocolate Mold

The chocolate coin effect at the end of the previous version was well received by many users, even earning accolades from the likes of Wayne Houchin. However, we understand the concern that consumables can bring – the fear of running out of refills.

In Soleil Pro, we’ve got you covered. We provide chocolate molds and step-by-step instructions, enabling you to create an unlimited supply of refills using regular chocolate wrappers. No need to worry about running out of magical resources!

Chip Body

During the two-year hiatus, Zuming worked to enhance the chip. The new chip body resembles white chocolate, featuring a distinct edge design. In our pursuit of perfection, a large quantity of chips had to be completely redone twice over.


  • One Soleil Pro chip with a patented design
  • A set of gold foil wrappers and a chocolate mold
  • 10 plastic packaging boxes for your chocolates
  • Exclusive instruction tutorial video