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  • Five Hats in One! A marvelous effect for any children's show, no matter what the occasion this "Hat for All Seasons" is perfect. EFFECT: The performer displays a cloth bag, which looks somewhat like a purse or colorful hat. After turning the bag

  • EFFECT: The performer displays a black cloth bag with white polka dots on the outside along with plain white and black handkerchiefs. Placing the silks inside the bag, he explains to the audience that he'll make them switch places, turning the black

  • The Bag Without A BottomFrom the creator of such favorites as Jump Ropes and Doggy Bag comes another great comedy prop for the kids' show performer-The Silly Sack. While looking around for a small prop (rope, coin, silk, "invisible deck," etc.) the p

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items